At FinStar, we make exceptional, custom (your design) ride apparel for equestrians.

Ride Tops

Helmet Covers


 for Teams, Areas, Barns, Coaches, and Events. 


  • Rider proven, exceptional quality.
  • Pricing dependent on quantities ordered. 
  • Minimum of 10 items ordered
  • Easy Team Store ordering.
  • Fast turnaround time (3-5 weeks)


  1. CONTACT US: Email or Fill out the FORM. 
  2. PRODUCTS: Let us know what items you would like to customize. Some or all: Tops, Helmets Covers, Socks.
  3. DESIGN: We will work with you on design. We can create a design from scratch, build off of something from our design gallery or we can evolve your current/old design. 
  4. ORDERING: Once your design is finalized, we will build a "Team Store" with your items. We will share the link with you, which you can then share with your teammates, training group, AREA, Barn, etc. Each person can place and pay for their order. Once we "close" the Team Store, it takes us 4-5 weeks to deliver orders (which are shipped directly to each person). Thus, as the manager, all you have to do is 1. pick the products and 2. work with us on design. We do the rest. We take the orders. We ship the orders.
  5. BULK ORDERING: If you are ordering quantities for your own inventory, then no worries, we will send you a Bulk Order Form (you can also do a combination of a Team Store and a Bulk Order).